Day one

So Andy and I today decided on the first draft of an art style for the twisted tower defense. it was decided a vector styled cartoon sprite format would be used; I’ll more than likely get the main character sprite mockup done this week, while Andy works on a proof of concept test map.


About pepperstm

Hi! I'm a student Games Designer from Middlesbrough, Northeast England. I specialise in 3D modeling and world building: I'm also a proficient Digital artist. Currently, I'm working with 2 other people, co-creating a 2D Tower Defense Game... with a twist; follow my blog for updates on how the games going! View all posts by pepperstm

One response to “Day one

  • Andy Ayre

    Nice to see the gears starting to grind away. For anyone keeping up to date with our progress I’ve actually just about finished making a placeholders level to test the idea, and begun implementing health (although thinking about damage mitigation being done terrifies me.)

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