Control Frameworks

Andy today told me that he’s got a basic framework for mouse/keyboard AND touch controls implemented. He’s also got the health system working (perhaps not firing on all cylinders as of yet, but it’s working.) He hasn’t got round to getting a working map set out, but that’s all in due course.

Due to a problem with Toshiba signing it’s own drivers for the laptop I’m working on however, I Haven’t been able to work on a character sprite, but hope to be working on another computer by the end of this weekend. so, at the moment, this very pre-alpha version of the game is just running (from what I’ve been told) on ASCII and library sprites for objects.

In all though, the projects coming along okay, Expect to see more blog posts soon! perhaps some proof of concept screenshots and sprite art by the end of next week! so keep checking back! or subscribe to the RSS feed.


About pepperstm

Hi! I'm a student Games Designer from Middlesbrough, Northeast England. I specialise in 3D modeling and world building: I'm also a proficient Digital artist. Currently, I'm working with 2 other people, co-creating a 2D Tower Defense Game... with a twist; follow my blog for updates on how the games going! View all posts by pepperstm

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