After going dark for a week or so, I started discussing techniques for sprite and animation capture with Andy, I’ve started sketching the basic sprite art for the protagonist “Redneck” (working name) in Photoshop. I’m waiting on the concept sketches from Joel to fully realise the character though.

With the work College has been throwing at us, we haven’t had time to really get the ball rolling, but in the next few weeks, things should pick up! (hopefully)

I’ll post again in a few days with another update!


About pepperstm

Hi! I'm a student Games Designer from Middlesbrough, Northeast England. I specialise in 3D modeling and world building: I'm also a proficient Digital artist. Currently, I'm working with 2 other people, co-creating a 2D Tower Defense Game... with a twist; follow my blog for updates on how the games going! View all posts by pepperstm

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