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Hi! I'm a student Games Designer from Middlesbrough, Northeast England. I specialise in 3D modeling and world building: I'm also a proficient Digital artist. Currently, I'm working with 2 other people, co-creating a 2D Tower Defense Game... with a twist; follow my blog for updates on how the games going!

Joel’s Bubba

Hey guys, I just thought I’d post the artwork Joel’s done as concept sketches for Bubba. Now that I’ve got these, I can work on a sprite over the half term; hopefully give Andy some sort of working design by the end of the holidays, adding in an actual player sprite rather than what he’s got in place at the moment will make the project start to look like some sort of product.



As I’m typing this, I’m working dual-screen on the in-game graphics, I uploaded the road tiles to the game’s box in the early hours of this morning. I’ll be working on some towers and other misc graphics today, hopefully in some state to upload them to the box tonight.  We should have some sort of concept looking okay in the next few weeks; until then, stay tuned!.


After going dark for a week or so, I started discussing techniques for sprite and animation capture with Andy, I’ve started sketching the basic sprite art for the protagonist “Redneck” (working name) in Photoshop. I’m waiting on the concept sketches from Joel to fully realise the character though.

With the work College has been throwing at us, we haven’t had time to really get the ball rolling, but in the next few weeks, things should pick up! (hopefully)

I’ll post again in a few days with another update!


So after a week of living in the dark ages, I can finally start working properly on the game! I started sketching some basic mockups of “Bubba” in class today. When I got home, i discovered that the house was re-wired, and plugged the computer straight back in!


So, I can now get to work on some of the graphical goodness for the game! I’ve got some basic artwork for background tiles done already, I’m going to try and create a splash screen tonight; Hopefully, all goes well!


After a long… long… long discussion of about 5 minutes, we’ve settled on the name “Bubba…” well for now, at least. Or untill one of us ” by some divine intervention one of us thinks of a name beyond mortal recognition” thinks of something better.

Control Frameworks

Andy today told me that he’s got a basic framework for mouse/keyboard AND touch controls implemented. He’s also got the health system working (perhaps not firing on all cylinders as of yet, but it’s working.) He hasn’t got round to getting a working map set out, but that’s all in due course.

Due to a problem with Toshiba signing it’s own drivers for the laptop I’m working on however, I Haven’t been able to work on a character sprite, but hope to be working on another computer by the end of this weekend. so, at the moment, this very pre-alpha version of the game is just running (from what I’ve been told) on ASCII and library sprites for objects.

In all though, the projects coming along okay, Expect to see more blog posts soon! perhaps some proof of concept screenshots and sprite art by the end of next week! so keep checking back! or subscribe to the RSS feed.


Construct 2 Engine LogoFor those that are interested: We’re using Scirra’s Construct 2 2 2D engine, which exports into HTML5 in it’s current release. It’s fairly simple to use; just drag and drop sprites and apply attributes to them.

Day one

So Andy and I today decided on the first draft of an art style for the twisted tower defense. it was decided a vector styled cartoon sprite format would be used; I’ll more than likely get the main character sprite mockup done this week, while Andy works on a proof of concept test map.