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Joel’s Bubba

Hey guys, I just thought I’d post the artwork Joel’s done as concept sketches for Bubba. Now that I’ve got these, I can work on a sprite over the half term; hopefully give Andy some sort of working design by the end of the holidays, adding in an actual player sprite rather than what he’s got in place at the moment will make the project start to look like some sort of product.



So after a week of living in the dark ages, I can finally start working properly on the game! I started sketching some basic mockups of “Bubba” in class today. When I got home, i discovered that the house was re-wired, and plugged the computer straight back in!


So, I can now get to work on some of the graphical goodness for the game! I’ve got some basic artwork for background tiles done already, I’m going to try and create a splash screen tonight; Hopefully, all goes well!